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Arlene Beare <arl@...>

The JOWBR database now includes photos for the Jekabpils cemetery.

A few years ago I commissioned Aleksandrys Feigmanis to take photos
of the cemetery stones in the Jekabpils cemetery. I am happy to
report that I have scanned all the photos and they can now be viewed online at

All you need to do is put in either a first name or surname and the search
engine will find the record. You will get hits in all the cemeteries where
the name appears.You need to click the hit that brings up Courland because
Jekabpils was in Courland. If you then click "see full burial record" you will
see the tombstone and can zoom in and out and pan the stone. Some of the stones
may not be in a good condition but I am pleased that the majority have
writing that can be read.

We are very grateful to Aleks for doing the photography and to Jewishgen for
giving you the opportunity to view your ancestors tombstones online. I am sorry
it has taken me so long to get them on the web for you but I am sure you will
appreciate it has been a big job scanning nearly 400 photos and seeing that
they match with the data already submitted.

Arlene Beare

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