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Elise Friedman wrote: "I have some records with the given name Schewie/Schowe.
The first spelling is >from a Hamburg emigration record, the second is >from a New
York immigration record -- same person. She was >from Kobrin in western Belarus,
born around 1848. I checked the Belarus Given Names Database and the closest
match I can find is Sheva. Could someone more familiar with Hebrew and Yiddish
names please let me know if you concur or have other suggestions?"

In matters of names I always defer to the experts, particularly the ever-helpful
Prof. Jerry Esterson, but in this case I have waded in myself with basic
research. Here are Schewie/Schowe-type burials in Vienna [age and date of death
are given]:

EPSTEIN Schewa 80/06.10.1872, born in the late 1700s
JEKELES Schewa 69/01.11.1916
GLUCK Schewe 76/12.05.1941
AUERBACH Schewa 54/29.10.1924
BOCK-SCHLAMM Scheiwe 69/07.11.1928
KESSLER Schewe S. 74/01.03.1935

Amongst the many more common *Sch* names, here are the rarities buried in Vienna: Schachna/Schachne; Schame;
Scheiku; Schepschel; Scherke; Schewach; Schewna;
Schiefe; Schifre; Schija/Schije; Schlaime; Schmaje;

Most, if not all, of these people came fom Galicia and other outlying areas of
the Habsburg Empire, where Yiddish was widely spoken. Jews >from Bohemia and
Moravia and Vienna itself, would by then have adopted German first names.
Further research on the origins of Schuiliose ELJIAKIM [1869-1888] is needed
before reaching a conclusion about his/her origin.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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