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I'm looking for the archives --the individual case files, if they exist-- of
the Jewish Colonization Association ("JCA" or "ICA") that were presumably
evacuated >from the JCA Paris office before the Germans took the city in WWII.

There is evidence that some JCA Paris records arrived in London and
eventually were transferred to Israel, where they are "being cataloged" at a
historical institution. Some other portion of the records ended up in Moscow
and were later evidently returned to Paris, where they are also "being
cataloged". (Neither institution will say more than that they have some JCA
records. Can anyone offer any advice beyond "Check with them every few
years to see if the status has changed?")

The case files, if they exist, may provide otherwise unavailable information
about my relatives in the town of Kletsk, now in Belarus. There is evidence
that JCA emigration efforts for multiple Kletskers were coordinated in some
way by my grandfather, Joseph KIRZNER, and that a number of families escaped
to South America under the auspices of the JCA. If so, the JCA records
could be an important source of information about Kletsk and could help
locate descendents in South America.


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