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I was always told that the Lippmann name (also Lieb, Loeb and Liebman) was a
derivative of Levi. My mother's branch originated >from the Gunzenhausen area
of Middle Franconia, Germany. There is a book "Our Lippmann Family" by the
late Kurt E.B. Lippmann, ISBN 0 646 27973 4 Melbourne 1995. Kurt wrote a
lot about the German Lippmanns going back to 1776. If any Lippmann descendant
thinks they might be related, try checking the Family Tree of the Jewish
People section on the Jewishgen website.

==It may be in exceptional cases. I am thinking of Rabbi YomTov Lippman
Halevi Heller, author of a famed commentary on the Mishna, but here the Lippman
is a kinnuy for Yomtov. I do have a vague theory that YomTov (Jomtof or
Jondev) was a popular first name for Levites in Franconia (northern Bavaria)
but no data to back it up.

Liebman is another form of Lippman (or vice versa, really), but Loeb has
nothing to do with Levi or Levites, but with Yehuda/Judah or Aryeh. The first
name Lieb is not very common.

Michael Bernet, New York

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