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"Searching for Ships in the Boston Microfilms in One Step" covers the same years as "Searching the Boston
Passenger Lists in One Step": 1820-1943.

Joy Rich
Brooklyn, NY

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From: "Joy Rich" Subject: Three Steve Morse Announcements

Steve Morse has updated his One-Step form that searches's Boston
Passenger Arrivals database. The database now covers 1820-1943, whereas it
previously included only 1891-1943. Steve generated a list of all of the M277
roll numbers and dates to allow access to the manifest directly by roll/frame
or by date using the One-Step "Searching the Boston Passenger Lists in One
Step." He also generated a list of all of the Boston ship arrivals in the
1820-1891 period for the One-Step form that searches for ship arrivals,
"Searching for Ships in the Boston Microfilms in One Step." Both are listed
under "Other Ports of Immigration" at

Steve also just created a One-Step form for searching He now
has four One-Step forms capable of obtaining birthday information. The other
three are for,, and They are the first four items listed in the
"Births, Deaths, and other Vital
Records" section at (

Steve also just implemented two new features on his One-Step search form
"Converting Address to Latitude/Longitude." Retitled "Converting Address
to/>from Latitude/Longitude in One Step, " you can now also convert in the
opposite direction - >from latitude/longitude to an address. You can now also
convert more than one address or more than one latitude/longitude at a time
by using Batch Mode. The One-Step is listed under "Calendar, Sunrise/Sunset,
Maps" at At first blush, this may not seem to have
much to do with genealogy, but Steve has found that the latitude/longitude
search tool gets a very large number of hits.

Joy Rich
Brooklyn, NY

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