Re: German language orthography of names Re: When did spelling of names become important? #germany

Fritz Neubauer

Am 27.11.2013 11:30, schrieb Renate Rosenau:
I could not find out if this included the spelling of names, but the
spelling of names declared by parents for birth certificates was binding for
official use.
Names were never affected by any spelling reform of agreement, that is
why you have MAYER, MEYER, MAIER, MEIER etc. even the recommendations
for changes in the German orthography (latest version in 2006) does
not include names. The rule book says under § 3.2, page 11:
"Eigennamen sind nicht aufgeführt" (proper names are not listed).

With kind regards, Fritz Neubauer, North Germany fritz.neubauer@...

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