JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Surname mysteries: SILVERMAN variations #general


Linda SHEFLER poses a query about a family name.

SILVERMAN, as she explains it, may have been an invention by American
immigration officials.

Obviously, then, she needs to explore further the "sound-alikes." I have
friends named SILVERMAN whose name, in Poland, reportedly had been ZILBERMINZC.

As for her question as to whether some Ashkenazic Jews can trace their
origins to pre-Inquistion Sephardic Spain, there already has been a bit of
discussion on this forum as to this issue. In a word, the answer was yes.

I seem specifically to remember a correlation between the Sephardic name
SOUSA and certain "Ashkenazic" surnames, including--perhaps, if memory

And it was agreed, in these earlier discussions, that certain Sephardi, in
their long dispersion while fleeing the Inquisition, definitely made it as far
as the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Judy Segal
New York City

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