Re: What can the acronym CHET-RESH in place of BET-RESH in a name mean? #germany

Ury Link

Dear Genners

Mr Justin Levy send me a copy of the documents about the acronym

After I see the copy I know that Mr Levy was right with his writing of
the letters Chet-Reish.

According my knowledge it was written : Chet-Reis and it mean Chatn =
Rabi whats mean the son-in-law of .

In my first letter >from yesterday I have written that it was a acronym
of Chacham-Rabi or Chaver-Rabi

and know we have also Chatan-Rabi.

I was too quick with my answer, my apologies. Best regards,

Ury Link, Amsterdam Holland uryl@...

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