Shalom son-in-law of Yisroel = Simon Israel in secular records? (Landsberg an der Warthe) #germany

Justin Levy <jlevy2008@...>

Dear GerSIGers,

My thanks to David and Ury (and others) for their explanation of
chet-resh in some of the names in the tax list.

Two of the individuals in this tax list are of particular interest to
me: Shalom son-in-law of Y and Ber son of Y.

I suspect that the Y was for Yisroel, and that this man's secular name
was Israel Levin.

The list of protected Jews of 1804 (predating the tax list) indicates
that 'the three surviving children of the late Israel Levin' had
inherited his residency rights.

In 1813, a few years after the compilation of the tax list, a Salomon
Israel was recorded as the only head of a household to adopt the surname
LEVY in Landsberg an der Warthe. Later records show that a Ber LEVY had
started a family in Landsberg.

It would have been perfectly commonplace for this Salomon to have
adopted the surname LEVY, if his father's full secular name had been
Israel Levin. However, has anybody come across instances of a man
adopting a surname based on his father-in-law's name? Is it likely that
Salomon and Ber were brothers-in-law?

I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

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