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In a recent submission Sabra Waldfogel brought up the subject of the many
tuberculosis patients who arrived in Colorado early in the 20th Century.
Many of these patients were recent immigrants who came for treatment at the
National Jewish Hospital or the Jewish Consumptive Relief Society. In
recent years members of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Colorado have
been digitizing pertinent patient information >from the records of the Jewish
Consumptive Relief Society which are kept in the Beck Archives in the
Penrose Library of the University of Denver. Many of these records are now
available over the internet, and with the information garnered there, full
access to the file can be gained through Jeanne Abrams of the Rocky Mountain
Historical Society.

Some, but not all, of these files are rich with information. There is
correspondence, some in Yiddish. There are photos and sometimes material
that helps you know the individual more fully. Most of these people had
come >from the big cities of the east, but many are >from the west coast, the
south and >from middle America.

Our work on the archives has enriched those of us involved in this effort.
It is our hope that it will be a source of discovery for those of you who
might have lost a relative to the disease once called the White Plague.

Anne Fendrich
Jewish Genealogical Society of Colorado

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