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Mr. Reisner is correct about the "-in" suffix, although it isn't like
"-ov" (which is a plural genitive ending).

It is also true that some of these names do occur _with_ a final "D",
which points to the Yiddish origin that I mentioned. I am not able to
say how often a name like e.g. "Suskind" originated with the Slavic
"-kin- suffix and later picked up a final "D" >from Yiddish influence,
or how often "Suskin" originated with the Yiddish "-kind" and later
dropped the final "D". It's an interesting question, and I wish I did

In fact, there is a Slavic possessive ending -in that means "of" -- and it
is >from that ending that these matronymics are formed. For example:

Sara > Sorka (with diminutive -ka) > Sorkin (child of Sorka);

Rivka > Rivkin -- or Rivl > Rivlin, with Yiddish diminutive "l"

Rochel > Rochlin (note: no 'k")
The one just above, together with "Beilin", doesn't belong with the
others, exactly because there is no "K". These two, and others like
them, belong to a pattern that doesn't fit into the Yiddish

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