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I am researching relatives >from Latvia, and it was to
gulags like Vorkuta that I knew people >from Riga were sent
(including a relative of ours), and I had heard about many >from
Poland being sent to far corners of the soviet reaches like
Kazakhstan. I have just found out that 2 of our Riga relatives died
in Kazakhstan, a son who evidently was in the soviet army, died in
1942, and his father died in the same town (Karagayly) in 1944. I
found testimonies for them in the Yad Vashem databases.
I have met people here, immigrants, who were evancuated with their
families to Kazakhstan to remove them >from areas in danger of conquest
by the Wehrmacht. I have not been given the impression that there
experience in Kazakhstan resembled that of exile to Siberia.
"Evacuation" meant just that; being removed >from a battlefield is not
a punishment.

Millions of Soviet citizens died during that war, even in Kazakhstan,
and even not as a direct result of combat. If one of these, as the
relative you cite, was a soldier, that is evidence that he was not
incarcerated in a labor camp. You don't mention how the other died.

"Far corners of the Soviet reaches" is probably a subjective
expression. If you can find a map showing the former USSR, you will
see that the phrase does not describe the geographical situation of
Kazakhstan, which is in Central Asia. For what it's worth, "gulag" is
not a camp; it was the state administration of camps.

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