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K.S. wrote on 04 mrt 2006 in soc.genealogy.jewish:

Hi! Are there any specialized search database for pre and post-war
Netherlands in English,
Yes, there is:

All who died during the Sjoa are displayed here, It is a mega project.
English version is complete.

Lezeger In Memoriam, an other older way to the same group.
Enough English is supplied.

Their Dutch Genealogial database:

[English instructions at -- Moderator.]
The general Registry files now about 50% filled >from the municipal files.
This one is in Dutch, but with some trial and error perfectly accessible
for the intelligent foreigner. Mainly marriages, but also Births and Death.
Amsterdam, the Haghe not jet included.

The Local Amsterdam and the Hague municipal files are probably to difficult
witout he Dutch, but we could help you given enough information.

Amsterdam English:
[or ]

The Hague:
Nice scans, dificult to read.


Provincial archives are being duplicated in the above

Dutch telephone directory of 1915:

nicely indexed scans of the main daily papers 1910-1945

General historical information English:

Jewish general:

Netherlands Society for Jewish Genealogy:

Dutch institute for War documentation.
The gouvernment scientific office.
English page.

and many local efforts.

or would someone know a person who specializes
in Dutch Holocaust research who could help me? One of my father's
cousins was a cantor in the Hague. He did not survive. His son did
and ran an international company about an hour >from Amsterdam. My
father saw him last in the 1950s. I tried to reach him in the early
1980s, without success.
Why don't you just ask here, and we will try to help you.

I've had success with various Polish resources, but little with Dutch.
The Dutch consulate has a war department, but was not helpful. One
of their other departments tried to do research, but couldn't find
anything about the business or the Hague.
Again try your best or ask here.

Several other people
recommended the website for the Center for Dutch Jewry in Israel, but
I've again run afoul of the Dutch language.
<> I often use, this page looks English to me!

I tried to e-mail them
many months ago, but never received a response.

I've tried to e-mail the Jewish Museum in Amsterdam.
I do not think they are the right source.

The material on
their website is mostly in Dutch, and they don't seem to be responding
to e-mails, or else, I assume that their English is limited.
You assume wrong, limited English is improbable(!) in general overhere, but
they are probably hard working volunteers, perhaps having other priorities.

Please give names and information about your quest on this NG, and many
will at least send you in the right direction, even possibly someone will
have something in their personal family triee archives.

I would have thought a chazan in the Hague would have been
particularly easy to track.
Why a chazan? You just write to president of the local Jewish community if
the general resources fail, but first try those, including this NG.

I also heard several years ago that the Dutch helped reconnect Jewish
families torn apart by the war through a TV program. I'm not certain
whether this is still active.
The nearly perfect public administration of the Netherlands, a G'd's-sent
for the German occupation during Sjoa, has left not many "great questions"
of separations overhere. In Eastern Europe this is different.

The said TV-program is mostly aiding present day non-Jewish research of a
very personal/emotional kind, like third world adoptions of the 1950-1980
era. They are not for general questions. Only interested making nice TV
with some soap like content.

By the way, I was also looking for some archival material from
Majdanek. I've e-mailed them several times and didn't receive a
response. I didn't know whether anyone knew of a contact at the
concentration camp's museum or Library who could use English.
I don't know about that, but why do you expect others to use your native
language? You, as the asking party, could try local [to you] help to
contact those in their own language.

For the Netherlands, English is not a problem!

Evertjan Hannivoort.
The Netherlands.
(Please change the x'es to dots in my emailaddress)

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