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A little girl we know was recently given a limited edition porcelaine doll
by an old lady who says she bought it in Boston during the 1940s. We lifted
up the doll's (real) blonde hair and discovered the dollmaker had carved a
Mogen David into its skull as part of the design -- like a brand. We can't
think what this means or where the doll comes >from (lady, who is not Jewish,
said she bought it in a shop.)
The Jewish star appears on the lower back of the skull, flanked by the
letters K and R. The inscription "S & H" appears just below the star, and
beneath that, the marking "116-A."
I'd be grateful if someone could tell me of the doll's provenance, or
point me toward a source that may shed some light on its mysterious brand.'

Molly Gordy -- NYC
Searching for GORODETSKY of Malin, Zvhil, Berdichev and Korosten and
GLASSMAN of Chernigov.

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