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Evelyn Frybort <efrybort@...>

Dear fellow Gersiggers,

I shall be doing family research at the Centrum Judaicum in Berlin next

I do not know where I can access the book(s) :
"Quellen zur Geshichte der Juden in Archiven der Neuen Bundeslaender"
"Sources for the history of the Jews in the archives of the new federal
states", edited by Stefi Jersch-Wenzel and Reinhard Ruerup, Munich: Saur

It lists the Jewish German and Polish records which are kept in the
Centrum Judaicum as well as other locations in Germany.

I live in Sydney, Australia.
I would be most grateful if there is anyone who knows where I can access
the Book(s) in Sydney or who has access to the book(s) and would be willing
to email me copies of the relevant pages for the Centrum Judaicum and the
Dahlem Archives.

I have ancestors >from former Westpreussen and the Kujawy area of Poland.

Thanking you in anticipation,

Evelyn Frybort, Sydney

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