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Stephen Gaffin


When I count up the relatives in the various lines of my
GRACE-PELLETZ-JAFFEE Family History and Tree, at least 300 cousins,
aunts and uncles who stayed behind and did not immigrate to the US
or South Africa, were murdered in the Shoah. I have looked in vain
for them. Only a single Pelletz survived the Shoah.
Recently, a cousin did a DNA test and found at least 9 people around the
world with identical DNA matches. All, like my own family, have
traditions of family origins in medieval Spain and more than half are
Christians—probably remnants of the half of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews
who converted rather than leave, in the Expulsions in 1492 and 1496,
But one is an Israeli. As I look over the names lost in the Shoah, he
appears like a miracle. >from a Lithuanian family exiled to Siberia for
reasons no longer remembered, his father emigrated to Israel in the 1920s.
The discovery of this Israeli genetic cousin made me feel as if some of the
victims came back to life. And he’s a soldier, a soldier! A full colonel
in the Mossad . Also a scientist. Like Saul, like David. To organize us
to protect ourselves.
So, you never know what unknown relatives are waiting for you out there.
Try a DNA match.

Steve Grace Pelletz Gaffin
St Maarten Netherlands Antilles,
formerly Worcester MA, Troy NY, San Francisco, Rehovot, Tel Aviv, Haifa,
Durban South Africa, San Diego, Framingham MA

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