WWI rank of San. Vizefeldwebel #germany

Nancy Korn <nakorn@...>

Hello all,

In my grandfather's Gebete der Israeliten that he carried in WWI,
his inscription reads: San. Vizefeldwebel Ludwig KORN Pion. Komp 362.
He wasn't yet a physician, but served in a medical capacity on a
Lazarettezug (hospital train). I know that the Prussian military
records were mostly destroyed (he lived in Breslau), but I'm wondering
more generally about his rank.

Was this a standard rank or more elevated, and what would it have meant
in terms of responsibilities?

Also if anyone can point me to reference materials about the
Pion. Komp. 362 that would be very helpful.

Thanks, Nancy Korn Boston, Mass. nakorn@comcast.net

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