BACHER, DEUTSCH, and SPIELMANN #austria-czech


I would like to thank everyone who contributed data and/or suggestions
to my recent question about the relationship between Ottilie SPIELMANN
and Hermine BACHER >from Moravia.

It has been established that Ottilie SPIELMANN was the daughter of Adolf
REINIGER and Lea (Leah) DEUTSCH, the sister of the Jewish scholar
Gotthard DEUTSCH, Hermine BACHER's husband. According to the IKG Lea
died in Vienna in 1931.

Isidor and Ottilie SPIELMANN were deported >from Vienna and perished in
the Shoah. They had sent their only child, Robert Ernst SPIELMANN on a
Kindertransport to England. In 1941 he came to America and lived with
descendants of Gotthard and Hermine DEUTSCH.

After serving in the US Army he graduated >from Stanford University,
changed his name to CONOT, and became a journalist and author of
"Judgment at Nuremberg" and other books.

Robert "Bob" CONOT died last month. He was my closest friend going back
to elementary school in Vienna.

Oliver BRYK, San Francisco,

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