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Hello Genners,
My grandmother's niece was married to a man named NEMET in Kosice, Hungary.
He survived a work camp but the rest of the family perished in Auschwitz.
He wrote to my great uncle and grandmother in the U.S. to ask permission to sell
the family inn and farm in Keked, Hungary so that he could leave the area.
They gave him permission and he may have gone to Israel. I have been unable to
locate any trace of him and would welcome any suggestions. Also, perhaps there
is a relative of his either in Israel, the U.S., or Slovakia who would know
something about him or who knew his family. His wife's name was Adela LIKHIG
(var. spellings) Nemet and they had a daughter, Vera or Veronica. Adela's
sister's name was Jolan and there was a brother also, who returned >from a work
camp and starved himself to death when he realize the family had been killed.
Adela's parents were Ignatz and Hermina KLEIN LIKHTIG.
If anyone has any information about Mr. Nemet, I would appreciate hearing
from him or her. Please reply privately. Thank you.
Mimi (Weiss) Simon
Teaneck, NJ

KLEIN - Keked, Hungary; NYC, NY, USA; Western Pennsylvania
WEISS - Ordarma, Hungary (now Storozhnitsa, Ukraine); Western Pennsylvania
GOLDBERGER - Hungary; Fort Wayne, IN
ROTH - Olaszliszka, Hungary; Western, Pennsylvania
PRINZ(CE) - Abaujvar, Hungary; Mount Vernon, NY; Yonkers, NY

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