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Dear Genners and Siggers,
I still face few unsolved questions concerning my
maternal family KOENIGSBUCH >from Brzesko,Galicia. All
the bearers of this unique and rare surname hail from
that shtetl.However,by the 1880 they started moving
to neighbouring shtels in Galicia and westward to
Krakow and Germany.Recently I have discovered in Yad
Vashem PoTs a certain Wolf KOENIGBUCH(sic) who was
born in Dukla in 1890. He was on the Slovak
Deportation list of 5.5.1942 >from Trebisov to Lublin
together with Rudolph KOENIGSBUCH b. 1930 and Maria
KOENIGBUCH(sic) b. 1931. These 2 kids were probably
his children.Their place of birth is given as
I have discovered already another KOENIGSBUCH
(Hermann) b.1912 in Michalovce. His father Joseph was
my grandfather's brother.
I wonder any one has bumped into those names or has
them on his family tree.
Jacob Rosen

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