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Vivian Kahn

My mother lived on Avenue C near 10th Street and went to Washington
Irving High School, 40 Irving Place at 16th Street. Washington Irving
is a short subway ride or a long walk >from Delancey Street. Seward
Park High School at 350 Grand Street seems a much more likely
"neighborhood" school. Zero Mostel and Walter Matthau are both Seward
grads. The school continues to serve immigrant families but these days
many are Asian. See for more
info. According to this website, Seward was being phased out as of

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, CA (b. NYC)

If a person lived at 138 Delancey St in NYC, which high school would this
person attend close to this home? I'm looking for a high school
that existed in that area around 1890.
I'm not sure when it was first established, but my father-in-law went
to Seward Park H.S. He was born in 1916.

Debra Price
Plainview, NY

Subject: Re: Old NYC High School in Delancey Vicinity
From: "Ira Lyons" <>
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 16:04:15 GMT
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Perhaps it was Seward Park H.S. or Washington Irving H.S. (all girls in
those days). Good luck, Ira

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