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Jane Moulding

"Beryl. B" wrote:

"I am trying to contact David SANDLER whom I
belives lives in Perth, or some other town in Australia
and who originated >from Johannesburg, South Africa.
His father was Mike Sandler, and his grand-
parents were Zalman and Gertie SANDLER >from Johannesburg.

If either David or anyone knowing him reads this message please
contact me with his address, as I have done a Sandler family tree
in which he is included and would like to share this
with him."

There has been much discussion recently about identity theft and privacy.
In addition many contributors to this forum have said that their relatives
did not share their interest in genealogy.

I was therefore alarmed to see that Beryl asked that if anyone knew David
Sandler they should contact her with his address. I think she should have
asked that they contact David Sandler and give him her e-mail ID so that he
could contact her himself if he so wished. After all, he may wish to remain

Jane Moulding
Bucks UK

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