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Fellow Jewish Geners.....
I have searched high and low for a connection to my
maternal great grandmother Fanny SHARE and great
grandfather Max DEMAN. They were both born, according
to my grandmother's death certificate in Latvia,
around 1870-2, but the 1930 U.S. census lists them
(under my grandmothers mother and father), as having
been born in Poland??? Go Figure?? They immigrated to
the U.S., don't know when. Their daughter, Celia Deman
was born in Missouri (my guess is on the way to
California. Celia Deman's husband, Samuel Tierman, (my
grandfather was born in Hungary, according to both the
1930 Cenus and my mother's death certificate.
Any ideas, clues or facts.
Appreciate it,
Jay Jason Kronish

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