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Hi, Genners,

Sarah Greenberg has written, in part:

<I have tried unsuccessfully to find my
great-grandfather on the Ellis Island ship
manifests... He was >from Romania, but I do nor know
what part. The name on the papers looks like
(Hertza). His wife was
also >from Romania and I believe she was >from a town
called (daraboy/darahoy)...>

Now I wanted to confirm for Sarah that her
great-grandmother was >from Dorohoi, currently Romania,
but at the time of immigration a part of Bukovina,
which was the eastern-most crown land of the
Austro-Hungarian Empire. Dorohoi is situated at
47°57' 26°24', just about 32 miles southeast of
Chernivtsi/Czernowitz [the Bukovinian capital, often
refered to as 'Little Vienna' due to its refinement
and culture].

While looking at the mapquest map, I noticed a small
place [town, village, shtetl, dorf?!?! - please,
don't] located halfway between Cz and Dorohoi named
Herca. This could potentially be the place where
Sarah's great-grandfather was born/had lived.

I tried it in Shtetl-seeker, but it's not there. And
as the town is currently within the borders of
Ukraine, there are no locations starting with 'H' for
that country on the Shtetl-seeker list. BTW, none of
the 'G' starting locations are the town, either.

What I would like to know - why are the maps using
spellings with 'H' if the country where the town is
located doesn't recognize that letter? And for those
with more knowledge of the pronounciation of the local
geography, could this be the town her greatgrandfather

AS always, you wisdom, thoughts and humor are most
Shellie Wiener
San Francisco, CA

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