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Hi All,

I've posted a high resolution document that's a LDS microfilm >from Dabie,
Poland. I think the year is 1872 and the document mentions my great
grandfather Szrul Rozental.

If some knowledgeable genners can translate >from Russian to English, I would
greatly appreciate it.

I'm not sure whether its a birth, death or marriage document. Any and all
details you can glean >from it are greatly appreciate. Nothing is too small
to be useful at this point.

The document can be seen at

Please reply privately.

Nicki Chodnoff
Columbus, Ohio
researching ROZENTAL >from Dabie, Lodz; ORCHAN >from Lodz, Dabie and
Poddebice; Lewkowicz >from Slupca, and PARZENCZEWSKA(SKI) >from Lodz and Ozorkow.

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