Sharing with you a special gift - A Portrait of Julius Spier, my father #germany


Dear GerSigers,

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday season and a Happy New Year to all.

I've had many wonderful highlights over the years while researching my
father, Julius SPIER's b; June 17, 1922, family of Rauischholzhausen. I found
family that I never knew I had in many parts of the world. I have found
documents of my family that people either shared with me or that I found via
the internet.

Yesterday, however, I had what I consider one of the best gifts I could
have ever asked for. The gift is a portrait sketched in pencil of my father.
My father was one of the Dunera boys bound for Australia in 1940. Amongst
the men was a gentleman named Theodor Engel. Mr. Engel was an engineer and
an artist. While at the Hay Internment Camp he requested art supplies. He
sketched 27 portraits, one of them Julius SPIER, my father. Today his portrait
and the others hang in the National Library of Australia as part of the
exhibition of the DUNERA. Mr. Engel's estate was donated to the library
You can view the sketch at this link:
as well as all the other portraits. Perhaps you will recognize someone.

I am including two photos of my father, one is the sketch and another
photo was taken shortly before he left on the SS Dunera in Scotland. Mr. Engel
captured my father perfectly.

I want to thank Ms. Carol Bunyan of the NLA for sending me this most
precious gift. Best wishes to all -

Jennifer Spier Stern Brooklyn, NY, USA

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