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Kirsten Gradel <kirsten.gradel@...>

Zamosc area researchers.

Jewish Records Indexing-Poland is pleased to inform you about the
indexing status for the town of Tyszowce .

Tyszowce is located in Lublin Gub. at 5037/2342 and is one of the
bigger towns among the 24 included in the Zamosc PSA project. In
1921 it had a Jewish population of 2451.

It is situated dead center of a square marked by Zamosc, Hrubieszow,
Krylow and Tomaszow Lubelski. The closest Jewish registry towns are
Komarow and Laszczow.

BMD for 1826-70, 1876-90, all filmed by the Mormons, were recently
indexed; this file contains 6945 entries.

Furthermore, the years 1871-75, 1891-02, are indexed as part of JRI-
Poland PSA poroject, 2300 entries in all.

So it is a substantial file of 9250 entries which now awaits
publication in the JRI-Poland database.

Interested researchers are welcome to contact me to hear more about
these files and learn whether their family names appear in this


Kirsten Gradel
Nyborg, Denmark
Zamosc Archives Project Coordinator
Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

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