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re: Dutch Holocaust resources (follow-up); Warsaw Ghetto performer/ Lodz
family members; Searching for author, Reich-Ranicki

1. Here's a follow up to my query about Dutch Holocaust resources. I would
like to first, thank everyone who were so kind to offer their help, time,
ideas, and share their contacts!!! I've had enormous success since I last
requested help through Jewish Gen newsgroup, including locating birthdates,
marriage records, obituaries, and a clarification of places where my
great-uncle lived in Holland. This quest started for me in the early 1980s,
but the hunt intensified this year to identify any type of material, all
without success. My e-mails to the Dutch Jewry site in Israel, went
unanswered, but that's okay.

I neglected to include the surname in my original post. The name of the
family was BRAUN. Josef BRAUN was a cantor in Arnhem and then, Amsterdam,
not the Hague (as per family lore). I can't say more since surviving
members have also have been located and the rest is pending!!!

2. I am continuing research about my original subject who lived in Poland,
possibly born in the Lodz area. I am trying to locate any people who might
remember her working as a singer in the Warsaw Ghetto with a talented group
of literati at the Sztuka Cafe. Her name was Pola BRAUN, aka Paulina
BRAUNOWNA. I have found and located a number of written accounts and some
original source material, but would like to correspond/ interview any
living "survivors" who may recall her, but I may have missed. Please e-mail
me for further details if you can help, or have ideas. She had family
members in the Lodz area...., and I'm related to her.

(Yes, I've already put out queries on the Lodz and Warszawa list, too)

3. At the moment, in the same search, I am currently trying to reach a now,
famous writer/survivor who lives in Germany by the name of REICH-RANICKI.
Excuse any spelling errors. Reich-Ranicki was a music reviewer in the
Warsaw before escaping the Ghetto. He used a pen name for his articles in
the Gazeta Zydowska. I tried to e-mail one overseas website, where he
contributes, alas without success. He's written a number of books and
articles and appears on TV a lot in Germany. I am hoping someone might have
a contact who will help me correspond with him, and ask him about family he
may have reviewed/ or known during his time in Warsaw as a music critic.

Sorry to write so long. Thanks again!!!

"K. Sachs" U.S.A.

Searching for: BRAUN -- Poland: Warszawa, Lodz, Zgierz, Kalisz, Glowno,
Grodno (Belarus) Poland; Israel, Netherlands. Also: ROSEN/ ROZEN -- Lodz
District Poland.

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