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Zev Griner <zgriner@...>

I would like to discuss a general approach to finding people:

- Social Security Death Index can help you find approximately where
someone may have lived. This is not foolproof.
- Blind mailing - Use Internet telephone directories to find addresses.
Send letters explaining why you are contacting them and ask them to
contact you.
- Other Internet sites using public databases that let you look up
people: will give you addresses of people, even if they are
unlisted. You might get their telephone number. will give you clusters of people that may be related
through a common address. brings many of these websites together on one page -
remember the address:

In this case, MOGILNER is not common. Using the instructions above, you
are able to find people in CA with that name. Just call them up or send
a letter. I have done that many times. These days, it works about 50%
of the time.

Zev Griner

Dear Genners: I am trying to make a contact with the family of my mother's
cousins. They were Rose COOPER, and her sisters Ida WILNER and Sara
MOGILNER. Their father was my great uncle, Samuel WINER. They lived in LA in the
1940's and beyond. The 1930 census lists them as residents of St. Paul, MN.
The last contact my uncle was about 12 years ago. I am afraid that they are no
longer living, and haven't the faintest idea of their children's names.

Any help would be *greatly* appreciated.

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