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Mimi Katz <GeveretKatz@...>

Do we have a US Navy person in our group who might be able to interpret what
the following service record means? I would like to know what "Landsman for
Machinist's Mate (Aviation)" means, and also "Lack of funds". Whose? His
or the Navy's? This record is an extract >from "Ohio Military Men,
1917-1918". How can I get the actual military record >from the Navy? What
family information might be contained in it?

Enlistment Division: United States Navy Reserve Forces

Naval Training Station Great Lakes Ill: 7 June 1918 to 11 Nov 1918.
Landsman for Machinist's Mate (Aviation) 158 days.
Released 20 Dec 1918.
Honorable discharge 30 Sept 1921. Lack of funds.
Naval Training Station Great Lakes Ill.
Landsman for Machinist's Mate (Aviation)
Called to active duty 7 June 1918.

Please reply privately.
Mimi Katz, Chicago

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