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I have received a Brooklyn death certificate for the wrong Alter COHEN, a
tailor living on Belmont Avenue. He was born in Russia, came to NY c. 1906,
and died 31 March 1941 at age 62. He was a widower, and his wife's name was
Rose. His daughter was Sadie Gittelson, who lived on 12th Street in
Brooklyn. He was buried at Beth David Cemetery. If this is "your" Alter
Cohen, please contact me with a mailing address, and I will send it to you.

"My" Alter COHEN lived on Hinsdale St. in Brooklyn in 1930, and he was a
presser in a clothing factory. His wife, who was probably known as Annie,
was killed by a motorcycle 1920-1930 on the Lower East Side or in Brooklyn
per family stories. I originally thought her given name was Sarah Chana and
that she lived and died in Manhattan. I went through nearly all the Manhattan
DCs at the Family History Library for Sarah-Chana-Hannah etc. COHEN, but did
not find this cause of death. Later, I found the family on
the 1920 census in Brooklyn, and the mother was "Annie," a possible
Americanization of "Chana." This August in NYC, I will look for DCs for
Annie COHEN.

They had 5 children - Harry was born c. 1898, Frances was born 1901-02 and
married an Irving PRICE in 1925. Sam was born c. 1903-04. Rose was born c.
1905-07 and may have married someone named ROCKFELLER in the 1930s. William
was born c. 1910-11. If anyone knows of this family, please contact me.

Nancy Goldberg, Los Angeles

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