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Joseph Hirschfield

I could never figure out why it was impossible for me to find my grandfather
Schmuel MINOWITSKI's immigration record on the Ellis Island website. I did
however learn >from another source the ship he was on and the arrival date and
was then was able to find obtain a manifest film >from the Mormon Family
History Center.

With the manifest in hand I then looked up on the Ellis Island site the name
of another ship passenger who was on the same manifest page as my
grandfather. I wanted to see how the Ellis Island transcriber had deciphered the
spelling of my grandfather's name. So I clicked on "view text version manifest"
which shows all the passengers on the page. Lo and behold this is how he was
identified: Schmuel M... Yes, just his first name and only M for an
initial, followed by three dots.

I wonder if any of you would be successful in finding your missing relatives
by doing a similar search on the Ellis Island site; namely use a first name
and then for a last name enter only an initial followed by three dots.

I have sent a suggested correction to Ellis Island to request them to update
their record.

Joseph Hirschfield
Portage, MI
Bienkow, GALICIA

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