JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen RE: BONDI as a translation of YOM TOV (in Italy)? #general

Stan Klaff <stanklaff@...>

Bondi is not uncommon - a search of the White Pages in Italy reveal at least
at 50

Also Bondi Beach in Australia

BONDI is a not entirely uncommon surname in Europe among Jews, both Sfardim
and Ashkenazim. In Romance languages it means "good day," and was used by
Jews who were named YomTov

I just read that one Sandro BONDI, is the national coordinator for the
Forza Italia Party headed by recently defeated Italian prime minister Silvio
Berlusconi. Is BONDI a known name among Italian gentiles?

I am descended >from a line of YomTovs. There are many traces of names
similar to my family name, BERNET, that are associated with YomTovs in the
Middle Ages, in Provence, Spain and Italy and whenever there is a prompt, like
this, my quixotic heart muscle twinges a little.

Information on Italian Jewish Bondis, anyone?.

Michael Bernet, New York >>>

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