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Harold Rabbie

Solly ZUCKERMAN was knighted in 1956 by Queen Elizabeth, thus becoming Sir
Solly. It's rumored that Prince Philip asked at the ceremony "Why is this
knight different >from all other knights?"


"Saul Issroff" < saul@... > wrote:

'Wandering Jews were not in the habit of carrying their genealogical
records with them'.

This is a quote >from Lord Zuckerman's autobiography >from Apes to
Warlords, 1971.
Apes, 2).

Solly Zuckerman, became a Baron Zuckerman (1904-1993).
In World War II, his research for the British government included the impact
of bombing on people and buildings. Post-war he was professor of anatomy at
Birmingham University (1946-68). He was chief scientific adviser to the
Ministry of Defence (1960), and subsequently chief scientific adviser to the
British government (1964 to 1971).

He also served as the secretary of the Zoological Society of London >from 1955
to 1977 and as its President >from 1977 to 1984. Essentially he was one of the
pioneers of primate behavioural studies. His influence helped make science a
conventional part of Western world government policy.

Saul Issroff

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