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Dear Genners,
I found the marriage record of Abraham HERMAN, son of Benjamen and Ester
MUNTAG and Tobe JOCHMEWITZ, daughter of Salem(?) and Ruda DIENSTAG on 31 January
1891. It lists them as both being >from Austria. They were married in
Manhattan (New York City on the certificate.)

The person performing the ceremony was Elias BISGEIER, Cantor. The "official
station" or congregation is a long name crammed into a small space. I was
wondering of anyone could shed some light on the name.

It reads: 1st Chevra(?) Bnei David Ansche Radomysh
75 Pitt Street
Date of Record: February 7, 1891

Also, because this congregation married them, does that shed any light on
where in Austria they might be from. Family lore says it was an arranged

Thank you in advance,

Judi Gyori Missel
Mesa, Arizona

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