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Mathilde Tagger <tagger@...>

Hi Shoshana,
You wrote:
Members of my family purchased land in Israel in the 1930s. The purchases
were done >from the States.
I'm not interested in the land (back taxes < g >) but I'm interested in the
information available in the documents.Is there any way to track these
With a simple search on Google for the Israeli Ministry of Justice at: , I got the email of a person in charge at
the cadastre (land register) which is: ilanag@... .
You can also call the department of legacies (veaadat haezvonot) or first
read the details at:

A part of the website of the Ministry of Justice is in English but the
Cadastre and the Department of Legacies are not included.

Good luck,

Mathilde Tagger

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