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< In the past centuries this surname, very frequent among the Sfardim, was
written Bondi (with the accent on the last letter).
With this spelling Bon-di is a verbatim translation of Yom Tov.
I don't think Sandro Bondi knows or care about this origin of his surname. >

Yes, I know, I mentioned that in my original posting, and I did not expect
Sandro Bondi to have nibbled on matzah for all of last week. But I was
wondering whether there are Jewish Bondi families in Italy, and ultimately
whether these Italian Bondis are generally assumed to descend >from Jewish

As a curiosity, I assume Sandro (like Sander/Sender in Russian and
Yiddish) is derived >from the name Alexander. Coincidentally, my earliest known
direct male ancestors (>from ca 1650, Upper Franconia, Germany) were known as
Suesslein Alexander Jekusiel (Yekuti'el)--a combination that was popular in
the family for around 150 years.

Michael Bernet, New York

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