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Thanks to all my respondents re: "Wlasowces" battalion.

To straighten the facts (as given in searches of the Internet):
The correct account was that this was a Russian organized group led by Gen.
Andreij Vaslov ("Hero of the Soviet Union") of the Soviet Russian army who
was later captured by US troops and handed over to Russia where he was tried
for treason and hung. His POW battalion collaborated with the Germans and
murdered many partisans, Jewish and non-Jewish, in an effort to defeat
Stalin's communist regime and on the way, kill some Jews. Ukrainian
partisans and bandits also joined this "army", but it was not, as I
mistakenly said, "an antisemitic Ukrainian army", but a rebel Russian one.
I apologize if I unintentionally offended anyone by my remark.

Large groups of these "Wlasowces" surrounded the forests in Poland in
cooperation with the German army and mercilessly killed any partisans and
Jews hiding there. When trapped in their bunkers, very few Jews managed to
escape alive even if they surrendered. This is corroborated by personal
testimony of survivors.

Avigdor Ben-Dov

Ciechanowiec, Sokoly, Tykocin, Zaromb, Zambrow, Lomza, Sklody-Borowe, Bransk
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