JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Need help to find out the relatives of my great-uncles MANDEL #general

Alex Goldenberg <gol4gol@...>

I'm looking for the the relatives of my grandfather - great-uncles. They came
to US somewhere in between 1920-1930. Their last name was MANDEL, the middle
name was PERTSEVICH (or PERETS) and they came >from Poland- city Skalat of
Ternopol region. My grandfather had died in 1942 in Kiev, Ukraine. During WW1
as the soldier of Hungarian-Austrian army (in 1914) he became a POW in Russia
and then got married in Russia. Since then he had some info >from his brothers
(my great-uncles) >from US.
I appreciate any helpful info.
Alex Goldenberg,
San Francisco

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