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Hi, fellow-genners,

I have tried to make my subject line precise. The information about this
cousin's death has eluded me for many years.

About 2 weeks before my mother and father wed on October 14, 1956, my mother's
17 year old 2nd cousin, Madelyn FELDMAN, eloped with her boyfriend and was
killed in a highway accident. The funeral was private - just for the immediate
family, all of whom are deceased now. No one living knows where my cousin is
buried, let alone where the car accident occurred.

Family lore whispers that the couple was on the road in Ohio on their way to
Nevada to marry when the car was hit. Reasonable??? It appears that the
current US Interstate Route 80 passes through Toledo, Elyria, Cleveland and
Youngstown, Ohio. In addition to the death certificate, I am interested in
finding the police/coroner's report as well as any newspaper articles that might
have mentioned the accident.

My questions:
- Was Interstate 80 up and running through Ohio 50 years ago?
- Was this the most probably route to take coming >from the NY/NJ area on the
way to Nevada?
- Would you recommend particular Ohio on-line databases that I should utilize?
- Since Ohio is just rumored as the place of death, would you have any
suggestions about how to narrow down the search >from the dozen or so states
that are potential locations?
- For the body to be taken >from Ohio to New York or New Jersey wouldn't there
have to be a transit/burial permit, even 50 years ago?

Please respond privately, unless the information would be of interest to the

Many thanks,
Shellie Wiener
San Francisco, CA

Searching >from this branch:
Krzywcze, Sanok, Tyrawa Woloska, Zawadka [49°35'-22°28'], and other villages
in the Galician Poland Area

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