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I am trying somewhat fruitlessly to find a real explanation of why
someone would be registered in one town but living in another. If
someone was originally registered, for example, in Pikiliai, did he stay
on that list through all revisions until a brand new list (it seems
there were 10 all together) was made? Forever?
You don't say whether we are talking about electoral registration or a
commercial register.

I have experience both of looking for my family on commercial registers in
the 1920's and of using the electoral register in the 1970's. My experience
is in the UK, but I would have thought that the situation is comparable.

I recently looked at a commercial register in the UK for the 1920's in the
area where many members of my family had lived. The register was issued on an
annual basis and my father says that canvassers obtained the information. If I
remember correctly, at the home of one grandparent there was another name (the
previous owner/tenant?) and in the other case there was no entry for the address.
My father is in his early 80's so he is naturally fairly certain about his
family and that of my late mother.

If we update the situation to today or recently. In the UK an electoral register
is revised and issued annually, whether or not there is going to be an election
timetabled for that year - in theory, there can be a General Parliamentary
Election at any time. Also if the sitting member of the Council or Parliament
dies or resigns there can be a by-election at any time. In theory, it is an
offence not to register to vote, if one is entitled.

As someone who has been involved in fighting elections, I know that when one
calls at a house, the name on the register will sometimes (not often) be the
name of the previous occupier - who in some cases might not have been living
there for quite a while. The names on the register are not generally removed
unless a form is received >from the household indicating that a new family is
living there.

In this case the old householder will no doubt be also on the electoral register
at their new address in possibly a totally different area. They haven't
committed an offence but this is the result of the administrative decision not
to remove names unless a new form is received.

Indeed I vaguely recall a situation where there was a clean-up of the register
and names were removed >from the register where no form had been received >from
households for that year. Potential electors turned up to vote to find that
their names were no longer on the register.

My own electoral experience was 25 years ago. I have no reason to think that it
doesn't happen today (although with computers it is easier to administer) and I
would suggest that the same sort of thing happened when you are talking about.

Nick Landau
London, UK

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