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Charles Mahler

Hello to you,
Stephanie Weiner <> asks: "Therefore, I question whether
the source of the name Kalman is Hungarian, and the above suggests that
perhaps there is a connection between Kalman and Kalonymos."

My great-grandfather was named Kalman and I have the same name.
According to family lore Kalman is derived >from Klojmenes a Jewish rendering
of the Greek name Kalonymos, meaning the well or beautifully named.
There is quite some info about this name >from influent Jewish scholars in:

Clemens is derived >from the Latin Clementia, meaning generous or gentle.
The name Kaklan was quite popular in Jewish Krakow in the period after 1820
because of the famous Rabbi Kalman Epstein.

If you look for the discussion about these two names in JewishGen Discussion
Group Archives (
you will find interesting data >from Michael Bernet and others.
Best regards
Charles (Kalman) Mahler Antwerp

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