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Dear Genners,

I have recently acquired birth certificates of twin brothers of my
grandfather - these twins were a complete bolt out of the blue, none in the
family had ever heard about them, perhaps 'you' have?

February 21st 1880 - Birth of Hascal KATI (CATZ/KATZ) according to different
documentation - and Solomon - children of Haim KATZ and his wife Hana - 160
Darmanesti Street, Piatra Neamt, Romania.
My grandfather - Froim - was born in Darmanesti Street in 1885.

It also transpires that Hascal married someone called Blima (I have no
maiden name) and they had a son Smil on December 10th 1907 - 40 Cogalniceanu
Street, Piatra Neamt.

In an article on Piatra Neamt I find that a Hascal CATZ in 1942 was on the
Jewish organizing committee of Piatra Neamt - could this be the same person?

My grandfather had other siblings, descendants of whom, over the years, I
have been able trace, now up pops another challenge - coupled with the fact
that I have also just been informed that there was another sibling called
Sophie, who never married - I have been given her photo too.

If there are any Katz' who know they originated >from Piatra Neamt who have
heard of the above people - know of their descendants, especially of Smil,
or would like to see the photograph of Sophie if it would help in any way to
find familial likeness, please do contact me.

I also hold details of Burach Catz - wife Mariam and their children, Piatra
Neamt, if anyone wishes to have details I would be happy to forward the
information. I will say that one of their children Adela born in 1906
married in 1946 a Mr. S. Theiler, she died in 1986. Perhaps they are related
to my family, as yet I have no way of proving such.

Thank you.

Patricia Wilson (Israel)

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