JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: registration versus living location #general

David Kravitz

Harold Pollins suggests my information is a bit out of date.

1.There was a change in that blank forms were replaced by forms containing
the current listed names. It is news to me that you do not have to send it
in if there is no change. I can think of a dozen reasons this cannot be
right. For example if the house was empty with no postal redirect. And, if
someone has died or moved, then the form *is* incorrect.

2. Yes, Harold is correct there are two lists, an abbreviated extract you can
buy, or find at your library and a full one only at the Council offices that
you may inspect but not copy. Names can be “hidden” in order to protect certain
people, mostly public figures, and was introduced after the murder of Jill
Dando, a famous English TV personality. You most certainly cannot cite less junk
mail as a reason for hiding your address.

David Kravitz
Netanya, Israel

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