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Ilya Zeldes of Fort Myers, Florida wrote (by the way -get rid of your spam
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"2x-148658 1/28/43" is a handwritten notation on a passenger record. It
means that a Certificate of Arrival was sent to the Naturalization District
#2 on January 28, 1943. According to information available, the District #2
was the INS Naturalization Office in New York, NY. Its boundary and Jurisdiction
were in the Southern NY.May someone please tell me where this office was and
where it is now (the street address)? I mean, where should I write to and ask for

Having just gone thru the process of trying to find someone using a similar
notation, it is not as easy as would be hoped>
The cert of arrival number is NOT something that is indexed anywhere. I just
means that the petition for naturalization was applied for in the Southern
District of NY (hence the #2-) but as the people at the US naturalization
office in Manhattan told me (that's were the original records for that
district are held), the person may never have completed the process, or gone
to another district to get naturalized. May even been naturalized at a city
court not federal!.
The federal records are on the site and indexed by
name. You need to try to find the person by name and a date after the
1/28/1943 date on the notation. You may want to check the site for the other
NY districts to see if they filed there.
Once you get the Petition number >from the site, you can follow the
directions for getting a copy. (by the way, the actual original file
contains the cert of arrival form with the number you have already so you
can verify it is the right person)
Jef Barnett
Bensalem, PA

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