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Michelle C <michelle30c@...>

I recently posted a message about my ancestors surnames but unfortunately
received no replies, so am now trying to look at it >from a different angle.
So, my apologies to everyone for the similarities to my previous message.
My great grandmothers given name was Valia (I also can't find the meaning of
this) and the problem I'm encountering is the surname variations I have for
her. On her marriage cert it says her maiden name was CHAVATSIK?, her
fathers name is MARK? CHAVALICK? - both these spellings are based on my own
interpretation of the handwritting on the cert so obviously may be
incorrect. It then becomes confusing as on her childrens birth certs it says
her maiden name was QUACHICK, QUARCHICK, SWARTCHIK. I am currently waiting
for a further 2 birth certs, but I'm not sure these will help, especially if
the surnames are completely different again! Valia originated form
Vinnitsa, Russia (now the Ukraine I think), and came over to the UK in
approx. 1907.
What I am wondering and would like some help with is whether the surnames I
have stated can be classed as typically Jewish/Russian? If not, do
experienced genners have any idea what the original surname may have been
bearing in mind the area she came from? I realise that many surnames were
mistranscribed due to the language barrier and the fact that many people
were unable to read or write English so if a mistake was made they would be
unaware of this. I have tried my best to imagine how the surname would have
sounded spoken in broken English and all the variants this may have thrown
up but I'm not having much luck. I have tried all the above surnames in many
search engines and sites and haven't found anything.
Incidentally, Valia also had siblings ( I believe sisters) who emigrated to
America. Correspondence was continued up until WWII but then lost.
Unfortunately I haven't found anything out about them because the letters
have been lost and of course the surname problems.
Any help would be greatly appreciated
Many thanks
Michelle Chaffey

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