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Michelle Chaffey >from the U.K. writes about Valia, her
gt-grandmother's maiden name; Valia's father was
apparently listed on the wedding certificate as Mark?

Michelle then writes that both these spellings are
based on her own interpretation of the handwriting on
the certificate, so obviously may be incorrect. Later
with the birth of the children, the name became
completely garbled!

There is a bona-fide surname KAWALIK/KAWALICK and if
you google it you will find a modern-day Marc KAWALICK
- the name does not appear to be very common.

I too have one or two *Mark* in my paternal family in
London in the nineteenth century, but as they were of
Polish-Jewish origin - the name appears as *Marks* on
the British certificates. In Vienna, where members of
my maternal family lived, the name would be Marcus.

Furthermore, in Jan-March 1902 you will find Clara
KAWALIK marrying in Chelsea, London - I suspect her
husband is Siegmund TREBITSCH.

Here are two KAWALIK burials in Vienna Jewish
Zentralfriedhof: Gate IV Group 4 Row 5 Grave 45

KAWALIK Fanny aged 82 died 31.12.1926
KAWALIK Isak aged 75 died 06.02.1918

I would not be surprised if Clara and Siegmund were
both >from Vienna. Whether the Vienna KAWALIK are
related to Michelle's family >from Vinnitsa would have
to be investigated further.

There is one KAWALIK family listed in Ohio in the 1920
Federal Census in the US.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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