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Dear Genners:
My father's yongest sister Rachel NUTA was married.I don't know the
name of her husband. They has a child and she said to a Christian friend of
Plonsk-Poland as is the Nazis enter in Plonsk she will give this child >from
months, to her friend and she will take him as a own son.
This history knows my father Maier NUTA >from Plonsk , too, in a year he gone
to Israel and meet Rachel husband's brother who was a survivor >from Auschwicz
I dont know the name of this man who is a brother in law of my aunt Rachel.
If anyone can know anything about him or this persons who take my aunt's
son, I appreciatte it very much. Please contact me privately.
Ana R.Nuta
Buenos Aires
SEARCHING: NUTA, >from Poland or Rumania, France, UK, USA and Israel where I
know many families NUTA and I write them letters but they don't answer me.
IZRAELOWICZ , >from Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Russia, USA, and Israel.GRINBAUM/
USA,and Israel. BERGSON, >from Poland and Israel. STRAUS, LOHMAN, >from Germany
GAMARSKI, >from Lituania, Bielorussia, Russia and Israel BULAK, >from Poland and
Israel. Charak/Charag >from Lutz, Ukraine

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