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Evelyn Waldstein

Ruth Hyman asked:
I am searching relatives in Latvia/Lithuania. Are records found for a
person registered in Pikiliai, Lithuania relevant for a person who actually
lived in Liepaja and Aizpute, Latvia and perhaps another location in Latvia
as well.

Yes, it is possible. My grandfather Chaim Hirsch WALDSTEIN, b. 1864 in Libau
(Liepaja, Latvia), son of teacher >from Jakobstadt,
Behr Nachman WALDSTEIN, b. 1833 in Jakobstadt (Jekabpils) and his wife Sore,
was registered as merchant >from Jakobstadt despite the fact that after
marriage my grandfathers family lived in Autz (Vetz Autz, Latvia), a place
all his 7 children were born and raised.
Searching files for Autz at the Historical Archives in Riga I discovered a
number of draft related documents of his eldest son Moses (Max) WALDSTEIN,
b.1892 in Autz. To my great surprise my uncle Moses appeared to be still
registered in Jakobstadt despite the fact that at the time of his draft
registration in 1912 Autz already belonged to another district of Tuckum.
Asking to changed his affiliation >from Jakobstadt to Tuckum Moses
Waldstein had to provide a number of documents before this change has been
officially granted.
In 1914 at the beginning of WW1 my uncle was drafted to the Russian army. In
April 1915 his family was expelled to Rybinsk, a Russian town on the Volga,
being declared, like most of the Courland Jews, not to be trusted by the
State of Russia.

Evelyn Waldstein (Latvia, now in Israel).

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