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I have received a bit more info re this confusing topic...which may or may
not be of help!

Let's say Mendel was a permanent resident of Lodz. His wife and kids also
were permanent residents of Lodz.

Now let's say Mendel, a permanent resident of Lodz, decided to move to
Warsaw. My understanding is that legally he should have changed his residency to
Warsaw, if he indeed intended permanent residency but, like today, people do
not always do this. It seems that people did then, like now, what worked
best for them, taking a number of variables into consideration. Reasons for
changing permanent residency: thinking he never would move back to Lodz, or
perhaps his job required him to change residency, or perhaps he would pay less
taxes at his new destination, or even, perhaps, he thought he could dodge the
draft in the new location, Warsaw. Mendel's wife and children also became
permanent residents of Warsaw, just by virtue of Mendel changing his permanent

If Mendel's son decided to return to Lodz, perhaps because he married
someone >from there, he might or might not have declared permanent residency in
Lodz. He may have registered (with the police) as a non-permanent resident.

If Mendel's son and his pregnant wife were on a trip to Danzig and the wife
went into labor and gave birth in Danzig, the child still was a permanent
resident of Warsaw, if Mendel's son never changed permanent residency to Lodz!

Tali Segal
Philadelphia, PA area

(mostly Lodz); MAZURKIEWICZ (mostly Lodz , Skierniewice & France (maybe MAZUR);
LIPFELD (Lodz & Switzerland); CEDERBAUM (Poland); family of Benjamin MUNTER
(died at Tel Chai with Trumpeldor); GREENFELD / GRUNFELD (UK), SIERPINSKI
(Aleksandrow & Lodz), BRAM, ZAND (Lodz +), Rav. AKIVA EGER and a GERRE REBBE or
Rabbi (unsure which), b. c.1885? ; SEGAL (PA, Russia), ESTERLITZ (NY, Russia)

Ruth Hyman writes:

<< I am trying somewhat fruitlessly to find a real explanation of why
someone would be registered in one town but living in another. If
someone was originally registered, for example, in Pikiliai, did he stay
on that list through all revisions until a brand new list (it seems
there were 10 all together) was made? Forever?>>

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